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Functional Foot Typing®

Functional Foot Typing® is the foundation of a new paradigm for practicing Biomechanics.

It compares the arches and vaults of architecture with the arches and the vault of the foot.

In architecture, arches are permanent structures that support buildings and bridges. The architectural arch is composed of two symmetrical haunches or pillars connected by a central keystone at its highest point. The pillars are composed of smaller units of equal size called Voissours and they stand on piers or the ground (figure 1).

When an arch is constructed, a wooden base is built called a Centring. The Voissours and the Keystone are laid down upon the Centrum and cemented in place. Once hardened, the Centring is removed and the resulting arch supports weight and stress on its own (figure 3).

In the human foot, there are two distinct arches that provide both shock absorbency and support for the foot and posture. In addition, there is a roof that connects the two arches that form The Vault of the Foot. Unlike architectural arches, the bones forming the human arches cannot provide support for a lifetime and over time, they collapse.

In Functional Foot TypingTM, there are four possible Rearfoot Types. They are Rigid, Stable, Flexible and Flat. Likewise, In the Functional Foot Typing System, there are four possible forefoot types. They are Rigid, Stable, Flexible and Flat. When the four Rearfoot Types are plotted horizontally and the four Forefoot Types are plotted vertically, a matrix composed of sixteen boxes is created, each box representing a Functional Foot Type (FFT). This means that there are 16 possible FFT's each with their own characteristic properties, weaknesses and strengths.

The Functional Foot Type Treatment Plan

Once a subjects Functional Foot Type is diagnosed, a treatment plan can be developed that is FFT-specific. That treatment plan can select from conservative care, surgical care or a combination of both.

FFT Conservative Treatment Plan

The conservative treatment plan consists of the use of custom foot orthotics that are designed to provide the necessary support to the arches and the vault of the foot in order to provide the to prevent foot and postural collapse while leveraging the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to improve foot and postural health. These custom orthotics are called Foot CenteringsTM.

Foot Centerings®

Foot CenteringsTM are custom casted and prescribed and laboratory created, foot type-specific. This means that Functional Foot TypingTM produces foot orthotics with advances that are helpful to some feet but harmful to others foot types making Foot CenteringsTM the new gold standard in foot orthotics. They are composed of a semi rigid thermoplastic shell fabricated from a positive model poured, polished and foot type corrected from a negative plaster cast and they are shorter, narrower, higher arched and more correcting than previous custom foot orthotics. In addition, they can be made small enough to fit into many high styled and high heeled shoes.

The foot suffering public and professionals alike are welcoming Functional Foot TypingTM as "revolutionary" and long overdue".


Dr. Dennis Shavelson

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