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Custom Sport and Fashion Orthotics and 3-D Printed Orthotics Center of Excellence

Wellness Biomechanics® is the study of the foot and postural segments in closed chain stance and function in health and disease. Dr Shavelson is the leader of the Wellness Biomechanics revolution.

Feet differ in their presentation. Wellness Biomechanics™ subgroups feet into Functional Foot Types® that serves as a starting platform to diagnosis, treatment and research of foot and posture biomechanics.

The goal of Wellness Biomechanics is to diagnose inherited functional lower extremity pathology in order to overcome the never ending force of gravity and prevent, reduce and eliminate foot and postural pain, suffering, deformity and degeneration as an integral part of the custom treatment plan of our patients.

Functional Foot Typing

Dr Shavelson has invented and U.S. Patented a new system foot typing system which profiles all feet into subgroups that possess specific areas of strength and weakness that generate a true custom plan for conservative and surgical care of your foot problems.

Performed on the initial consultation, foot typing revolutionizes biomechanics, custom orthotic casting and prescribing and the upgrading and improvement of shoe fit, lifestyle function, balance and quality of life and performance issues.

When your podiatry examination begins with a foot typing, you are getting true custom care, the best and most innovative foot orthotics, expanded and improved outcomes and foot surgery that maximizes the post op results for shoe fit, reduced deformity, increased function a pain free future.

Foot Centering Orthotics

All custom foot orthotics are designed to alter the forces acting on the plantar aspect of the foot decreasing the pathologic loading forces on the structural components of the foot and lower extremity during weightbearing reducing pathological tissue stress from building into painful complaints.

Foot Centering Orthotics are a new generation of custom foot orthotics that Dr Shavelson has U.S. Patented that in addition, alter the structure and posture of the foot when standing and moving about using a process called “Vaulting” that actually offsets the never ending deforming force of the Earth’s Gravity. This makes the foot and posture stronger and its muscle engines more trainable to the point that collapsing feet “grow” arches.

LifeStyle Podiatry as a Foot Typing, Foot Centering Orthotic Center of Excellence is so confident that we custom cast and prescribe foot orthotics different and better than those of the past that we guarantee them to outperform all others or we refund your investment in them.

3-D Printed Orthotics

LifeStyle Podiatry is a Beta Launch Partner for SOLS Orthotics, the first 3-D Printed Orthotics. Custom scanned and prescribed, these nylon high tech wonders are then produced from a 3-D Printer and then dispensed and monitored by a biomechanical expert.

Lifestyle Podiatry is a podiatry practice tailored to the needs, coverage & pocketbook of every foot. All our doctors accept many different kinds of medical insurance. If one does not, we will accommodate you by allowing another doctor to treat you. Please call us if you have any questions about a particular insurance, as we most likely accept it.


Call our office at (212) 343-3668 to schedule an appointment. Special arrangements can be made for some procedures & emergency cases.

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